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Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education is primus inter pares in Colleges of Education, famed as a centre of excellence in teacher education, research and innovation.


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National Universities Commission approves 25 new academic programmes for Alvan Ikoku Federal University of Educatiion

Alvan Ikoku Federal University of Education (AIFUE), Owerri has received approval from the National Universities Commission (NUC) to offer 25 new academic programmes starting from the 2023/2024 academic session. This achievement was announced by the Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stella Ngozi Lemchi on 20th May 2024 at the University.

The NUC’s approval is the outcome of a  Resource Verification Exercise conducted by the Commission earlier this year. The 37-man panel from the NUC assessed dozens of proposed programmes across faculties in Education, Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, and Vocational and Technical Education.

Professor Lemchi announced that “For now 25 programmes have been approved for the immediate take off on our University platform after due consultations with the JAMB”.  She also added that the NUC highly commended Alvan Ikoku Federal University of Education “for a very impressive performance” during the Resource Verification.

With the introduction of these 25 new programmes, AIFUE is now open to applications from students from all over Nigeria and overseas. The University, styled primus inter pares, – first among equals –  while a College is now set to provide quality and excellent university education. The Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor also revealed that more programmes will soon be approved by the NUC as the University is working on approvals for more courses.

The approved programmes include B.A (Ed.) History, B.A (Ed.) Music, B.A (Ed.) Christian Religious Studies, B.A (Ed.) English Studies, B.A (Ed.) French, B.A (Ed.) Igbo, B.A (Ed.) Creative Arts Education and B.Ed. Guidance and Counselling. 

Others are B.Sc. (Ed.) Biology, B.Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry, B.Sc. (Ed.) Physics, B.Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics, B.Sc. (Ed.) Integrated Science, B.Sc. (Ed.) Health Education, B.Sc. (Ed.) Computer Education and B.Sc. (Ed.) Human Kinetics. 

B.Sc. (Ed.) Economics, B.Sc. (Ed.) Political Science, B.Sc. (Ed.) Social Studies, B.Sc. (Ed.) Geography, B.Sc. (Ed.) Agricultural Education, B.Sc. (Ed.) Business Education, B.Sc. (Ed.) Home Economics, B.Sc. (Ed.) Accounting, B. Technology Education were also approved.


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